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A witch meets a demon...

A Spell For Luck is the story of a grouchy young witch named Tom who does not want to be stuck in a small town all summer learning magic from his aunt. Only, his aunt has another houseguest: Simon, a house demon who has been in the family for... well, no one knows how long.

Simon has his own problems. Mainly, all these weird, strange, new, uncomfortable feelings he's dealing with. Feelings that maybe a human like Tom can help him explore.

A Spell For Luck is straight-up 10,000 words of fucky demon porn and I am very excited for it to be unleashed on the world.

It's going to be part of LT3's anthology, A Fool For You. The book will contain stories about tricksters, demons, witches, and all those untrustworthy sorts.

A Spell For Luck takes place in the same world as Sparkwood, but each story stands alone.

I'll keep this space updated with release dates, etc. about the story. If you want to read a bit of it right now, you should sign up for my newsletter. I include a snippet of my latest work with the welcome email, and A Spell For Luck is featured right now!

Updates and Announcements

Heck yeah, a newsletter

I'm starting a newsletter! Why?


It would be cool to share BIG news and bits of what I'm working on with you! When you sign up and confirm subscription to the newsletter, you'll get an email with a snippet of whatever I'm writing right at this moment.

I'll send out updates when I have new books coming out. And when I have free reads! I have a few fun things planned, like extra scenes with Jiyoon and Danny from The Trouble.

That's pretty much it! You can sign up at the link below if you want in.

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Sparkwood is here!

Sparkwood is finally out! 

This book has been a real labor of love. I started it for LT3's enemies to lovers call about a year ago. Its first draft was well and truly finished in August, 2016, and I owe my friend Elizabeth everything because she was visiting me when I needed to be finishing the book, and she said she was happy to play Assassin's Creed Syndicate while I complained and pecked away at those last few chapters.

Now appearing on the NYC subway all week.

Now appearing on the NYC subway all week.

The draft that I turned in then... woof, I don't even want to think about it. Sparkwood wouldn't be anything without Amanda Jean, who edited not just Sparkwood, but the entire My Dearest Enemy collection. She saw not only where this book could improve, but where I could write freaking sequels, and she put up with so much bullshit from my lazy author ass. Amanda, you are a lifesaver.

Since I forgot to put a dedication into Sparkwood, this post is sort of serving that function, I guess. Which means I have to thank my best buddy Austin Chant, who not only wrote a fantastic book for this collection, but was constantly the person that I complained to, and was complained to in turn. Writing is nothing if you can't talk to someone about it, and Austin has always been there to listen, and made me want to be a better writer. He's a pretty fucking amazing writer himself, and you're missing out if you don't read his work.

Okay! Well, if you want to read Sparkwood there is no shortage of ways to do so! First off, you can find an excerpt right here on this website. Then check out the buy links below:

Amazon | LT3 | Barnes and NobleBookstrand | Smashwords | Kobo

And wherever books are sold! Thank you everyone who supported me and this book. :)

Updates and Announcements

2016 in review

What a freaking year, eh?

The world is sort of going to shit. I'm lucky enough that in my personal life, everything is that opposite.

In March 2016I moved to New York for my job. It was the best decision; I love this city, I love the work that I'm doing, I love my apartment, I love eating all the food in this marvelous city. And on the writing side, I love getting to know such a marvelous, strange, complicated city and I hope to do it justice in fiction.

I finished writing The Troubleand it was released in November, 2016. It's my first published book, and it's been well-received, and I'm proud of it.

I spent the summer finishing Sparkwood, and then submitted and was accepted to LT3's enemies-to-lovers collection, My Dearest Enemy. Sparkwood will come out in 2017, but it's a book heavily rooted in 2016. I started (and finished) watching Twin Peaks that year, and its weird brand of small town drama and supernatural fuckery made me feel ready to write fantasy and murder mysteries again.

In the fall, I had a ton of new ideas for stories. The next project I'm working on is a short story for LT3's A Fool For You anthology, which I'll need to finish pretty damn soon so I won't jinx myself by teasing it too much. Suffice it to say it will be in the same vein as Sparkwood: wacky supernatural hijinks and sexy stuff. If it gets accepted you'll see it in the antho, and if it doesn't I'll fix it up and find another home for it!

My next book will be another fantasy, this time a historical set in 1920s New York City. I started writing it in fall, and totally reworked it during NaNoWriMo, and now I'm set to rework it again because it's evolved from "plotless excuse for sexytimes" into "sudden dramatic love story with ghosts," so that's cool.

I'm really looking forward to working hard in 2017, both personally and, you know, to fix the mess that the world is right now. As far as my books go, I hope they make people happy! That's the most important thing they can do, imo.

Here's to a happy New Year.

xoxo, daria