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Pre-order Sparkwood while you still can!

There is exactly ONE WEEK until Sparkwood comes out!

That means you can still pre-order it on LT3's website for LESS MONEY THAN FULL PRICE. Wow! That's a smaller amount of money than usual!

Sparkwood is about Finn, a prickly and extremely closeted bisexual guy, who has grown up hating the fairies that live in the woods outside his hometown of Sparkwood, WA. His twin brother Luke idolizes them. Or, he did. He's dead now.

Finn tries to track down Luke's killer and ends up in an uneasy partnership with Robin—an equally prickly openly queer guy, who just happens to be a fairy.

What's that? A PREVIEW, YOU SAY?


"Jesus! Do you fucking knock?" Finn jerked the shirt over his stomach and dug through the bag for his deodorant.

Robin inhaled. "I apologize. You deserve courtesy." When Robin said courtesy, it was like the word was being dragged from between his teeth.

"Courtesy? Is that what the pins and needles in the bed were about? That was fun. What are you, twelve?" He drew closer to Robin as he spoke, Finn's height casting a shadow over him. "I know you put a spell on me. I'm not here to play stupid fairy games, and I'm not here to fuck your boyfriend either, before you get any ideas." He couldn't stop himself from adding, "But I think he would've gone for it." 

For a long moment, Robin didn't move. Then he raised his hand and very deliberately snapped his fingers. 

Nothing happened.

Until goosebumps slowly rose on Finn's chest, his skin prickling as hundreds of delicate legs moved across it. Before he could flinch, Robin pursed his lips and let out a soft breath.

A host of butterflies took flight, their wings barely disturbing the air. They flowed out the window like a sigh, leaving Finn shirtless and lightly dusted in pollen.

"I'm trying to be nicer." Robin examined him dispassionately. "You're lucky it wasn't spiders," he said, and turned to go.

"Give me back my fucking shirt."

"Find another shirt." The door slammed shut behind him.


That's all for now! Sparkwood comes out on Feb. 15. LT3's giveaway on Goodreads runs until the Feb. 20, so check that out too! If you get a copy of the book, either through the giveaway or buying it with your hard-earned money, please consider leaving a review on Goodreads or Amazon! It's a great help for me, and for potential readers. :)