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A witch meets a demon...

A Spell For Luck is the story of a grouchy young witch named Tom who does not want to be stuck in a small town all summer learning magic from his aunt. Only, his aunt has another houseguest: Simon, a house demon who has been in the family for... well, no one knows how long.

Simon has his own problems. Mainly, all these weird, strange, new, uncomfortable feelings he's dealing with. Feelings that maybe a human like Tom can help him explore.

A Spell For Luck is straight-up 10,000 words of fucky demon porn and I am very excited for it to be unleashed on the world.

It's going to be part of LT3's anthology, A Fool For You. The book will contain stories about tricksters, demons, witches, and all those untrustworthy sorts.

A Spell For Luck takes place in the same world as Sparkwood, but each story stands alone.

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