Updates and Announcements

Sparkwood coming to LT3

My second book, Sparkwood, is going to be part of LT3's enemies-to-lovers collection, My Dearest Enemy!

I'm super excited about this. A few years ago I swore off writing fantasy or murder mysteries, even though those are two of my favorite genres. I felt like there were too many plot threads to balance, and I wasn't good enough at it.

Then LT3 put out a call for enemies-to-lovers stories and I thought, "Hey, you know what would be great for that? A fantasy murder mystery!"

And so this happened!

Sparkwood is largely fueled by my deep love for the Pacific Northwest, and weird magic. It's about a young waiter named Finn whose twin brother Luke has always been fascinated with the fairies who live in the woods around their small town. When Luke dies, apparently from magic means, Finn decides to risk everything to investigate his death. Along the way he meets Robin, a fairy who knew Luke, and who might just have something to do with his death.

My Dearest Enemy is a collection of stories with enemies-to-lovers themes, and it will be coming out in 2017.