Trivia Time - The Trouble!

1. It started as one scene — which is still the the first scene in the book. Then I forgot about the story for about a year. I went back to that scene and was like, what?? This is actually funny? I guess I should work on this.

2. The Trouble was originally supposed to be done for LT3's Solitary Travelers collection about aromantic and asexual characters. Trying to massage the story to be about long distance relationships... didn't work. Also, Jiyoon was still with Devin for the majority of that draft, what?

3. It was really important to me that the breakup with Devin happen organically, and not because of Jiyoon's attraction to Danny. Keeping them together while Jiyoon and Danny's relationship intensified made their break-up into this whole Big Thing which felt too serious for the story.

4. I'm terrible at naming characters. I named Devin by asking my friends "what would a douchey white boy be called?" Why are all my fun facts about Devin, a jerk character who has three scenes?

5. The worst part of revising: my editor Amanda Jean demanding more detail on the orgasms. I just sat there whining for hours.

6. The first appearance of the vibrator. That scene and visual gag story-hopped for YEARS before I finally found a home for it in this book.

7. Second worst part of revising: changing the location of 50 coffee shop scenes.

8. The walk from Fremont to Gasworks Park takes about 20 minutes give or take, and this is the view!


9. The Safeway at 50th in the U District is truly, genuinely shitty. It's known as the UnSafeway.

10. The Starbucks on the Ave where Jiyoon and Danny get coffee is one I used to go to almost every week.

11. My beta readers: Austin, Keezy, Tara, Diana, Keezy, and Courtney are THE BEST.

It's a miracle I avoided the  dick jokes.

It's a miracle I avoided the  dick jokes.

12. One of the sex scenes in this book contains the best god damn joke that I'll ever write, and I give up now. Yes, it's the rimming scene.

13. Dick's Drive-In in Queen Anne, where Danny and Jiyoon have milkshakes. This scene used to be set in a bar.

14. There was a follow-up scene that involved straws and milkshake accidents, but it never quite fit. It involved Jiyoon wearing an ugly sweater with the band's old logo on it.

15. I'm aro, but writing an aro character was still challenging because I had to think a lot about how Danny conceives of his own aro-ness as well as trying to make sure that it would make sense to a presumed majority alloromantic audience, while not alienating other aro people.