10 facts about Sparkwood

A WIP meme was going around Twitter the other day, and I ended up dropping some Sparkwood trivia. I thought I might as well compile it in convenient LISTICLE FORMAT!

1. Sparkwood is a fairy murder mystery and a romance, but it could also be described as "what if Twin Peaks references became a book."

2. Aside from Twin Peaks, my other big influence was ... Assassin's Creed. But only inasmuch as it vaguely inspired the character dynamics.

3. Fairies in Sparkwood are vain and proud, but they live in a shabby sort-of-modern town because they get all their stuff second-hand.

4. I made a list of non-hippy nature-y names for my fairies (i.e. anything but Dewdrop or Daffodil) and then I GAVE THE HELL UP.

5. Fairies are pretty much common knowledge to the human world, but that's a recent development. People used to think they were myth.

6. Fairies also come in any shape, size, and skin tone because why would they not!!!!!

7. There's tension between fairies who want to modernize and get with the times, and ones who want to preserve their creepy traditions.

8. I got frustrated when I was writing Sparkwood because it wasn't as funny as The Trouble. And then I remembered that it's literally about a guy investigating his brother's murder and that's KIND OF NOT AS FUNNY just by default.

9. BECAUSE OF THE MURDER SITUATION most of the comedy in Sparkwood comes from fairies being little shits, because fairies are little shits.

10. Shameless Trope Use in Sparkwood: Fake Out Makeouts. Fake Dating. Cuddling for Warmth. Bed-sharing. And of course, Magical Boyfriend :P

Sparkwood comes out on February 15, 2017!