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A Spell For Luck is included in Fool For You, an anthology of trickster stories from Less Than Three Press!

Tom is a bored witch who just turned 21. When he's forced to spend the summer studying magic at his Aunt Lucinda's house, he looks for any way to escape back to the city.

Maybe that means cutting a deal with the demon who wants to get friendly. Intimate, even.

Tom really should know better.

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Finn Bricket has never trusted fairies, and it's no surprise to him when his twin brother turns up dead, probably by magical means. What he doesn't expect is an invitation to the funeral—in the fairy realm—and a chance to find out who killed him.

Investigating Luke's death is probably the stupidest thing Finn has ever done, and soon he's up to his neck in fairy trouble. In the midst of it all is Robin, a fairy who's supposed to be watching out for him—but who just might have had something to do with Luke's death.

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Rainbow Awards:
Winner: Best Debut Bisexual book
Finalist: Best Bisexual Fantasy Romance
Finalist: Best Bisexual book

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